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What Fresh Hell - Lucy Vine (2018)


Twenty-eight-year-old Lilah Fox is having a very busy year. Her job as a producer assistant is very demanding, her divorced parents call her all the time to complain about each other, and she has one wedding after another to attend, including all those hen dos. Things get even busier when her best friend Lauren gets engaged and turns into a bridezilla, wanting Lilah's complete attention night and day. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Will is feeling neglected and her bank account is dwindling. When will Lilah find time for herself? And when will she learn to stop being such a people pleaser?
I loved Lucy Vine's first novel, Hot Mess, and I loved this one even more. It's sharp, accurate, and so hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing, especially at the hen do scenes. I really liked Lilah, she's engaging, smart, and very funny - the kind of girl you wish you had as a friend. This is a refreshing, witty, and enjoyable novel, a complete page-turner! (NP) 8/10


Lucy Vine's latest novel, What Fresh Hell, is about a bridesmaid having to deal with her bridezilla best friend. The summary says: "What do you get if you cross a dozen drunk hens with one shiny Butler in the Buff?
Meet Lilah Fox. She's on the hen do from hell. Then she gets a message (44 of them, actually) from her best friend with big news: she's getting married in six months. Oh, and Lilah's her maid of honour. Which means she just got signed up for:
- A military schedule of wedding fairs and weekly planning meetings
- Excel spreadsheets and endless hen emails
- All the enforced, expensive fun you can imagine...
What fresh hell is this?" What Fresh Hell is out in March 2018.

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