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What Alice Knew - T.A. Cotterell (2016)


Alice is a portrait artist married to obstetrician Ed. One night he goes to a colleague's party and doesn't come home until the next afternoon, claiming he spent the night drunk with a bunch of people he met at the party. Alice's trust in her husband is such that she doesn't see anything wrong in him spending the night with a group of young people he barely knows. Until one of them, a young woman, turns up dead and the police suspects murder.
I both hated and admired Alice. The story is told in first person from her point of view and I found her faith in her husband incredible. Alice always protects and defends her husband, painting him as a saint who gives life and could never hurt somebody. That is until she gets to a point where knowing the truth starts to destroy her. This is a brilliant, compelling psychological novel that explores a woman's journey in trying to do the right thing. (NP)



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