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The Mistake (2012)

When Jodie's daughter, Hannah, is admitted to hospital after an accident, one of the nurses remembers her from years earlier - and inquires about her baby. As a 19-year-old, Jodie had given birth to another daughter called Elsa. Jodie tells the nurse she had Elsa adopted out but the nurse follows up and finds there are no official records of an adoption and contacts authorities. With the girl missing, Jodie faces a Lindy Chamberlain-style trial by media (remember the dingo-got-my-baby case of the 1980s), with many suspecting she murdered the baby. Jodie is shunned by friends and the ramifications are felt by her entire family, including her lawyer husband, Angus, who has to give up his mayoral ambitions. This is a fascinating story about how Jodie rose from her dire childhood and offers a powerful message about casting judgment. It's a compulsive read that will keep you guessing and will certainly stir lots of discussion.

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