Waitlisted, by Laurel Gans, is about a woman who's forced to make changes after she discovers she's been kicked out of the grad school her family has been attending for nearly a century. The summary says: "Kacey Barlow had no idea it would be this hard to get into graduate school. Her well-to-do family has been attending IU for generations and admissions practically begged her to come while she was just in high school. She was a shoo-in - that is, until they gave her the boot. She's mortified to tell her parents and can't stand the thought of her friends going off to grad school without her. Her grades are slipping. Her professors can no longer remember her name and her tutor, Taylor, won't stop hitting on her when they're supposed to be studying. Okay, maybe that last one isn't so bad. She is left with no choice. She has to get her seat back! Too bad for Kacey this is one thing that can't be bought."

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