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Waiting for Summer (Part 1) - Anna-Maria Athanasiou (2013)


Forty-something Sylvie seems to have absolutely everything she ever wanted: a loving family consisting of her handsome husband and two wonderful sons, a beautiful home on the island of Cyprus, and a successful business. However, trouble arrives in paradise when Sylvie unexpectedly discovers some messages from another woman on her husband's phone. Suddenly, Sylvie's whole life is turned upside down and she's not sure what to do: she knows she has to confront her husband and ask him to explain himself, but at the same time she wants to protect the happy life they have built together. When another attractive man walks into Sylvie's life and makes her feel all kinds of things she's not supposed to feel, things only start to get more complicated, and Sylvie is forced to make some important decisions. This really is a great read to pick up when you're longing for that summer holiday feeling or looking for a light read to take with you on holiday yourself. As a reader we are invited into main character Sylvie's Mediterranean world on the island of Cyprus, and as well as a simply stunning setting, the novel also has an interesting mix of characters and a good storyline. I do not want to give too much away about the book, but as the storyline progressed I felt the pace wasn't as quick and the events not as gripping as the first half of the novel. I also noticed that there were still quite a few mistakes in the novel here and there, which is something that grabbed my attention over and over again, which was a shame. Overall, Waiting for Summer is an enjoyable escapist read filled with passion and betrayal; great for romance fans who are looking for their next (holiday) read. (JoH)

Rating 7/10

Waiting for Summer (Part 2) - Anna-Maria Athanasiou (2014)


After a really difficult time in which several unexpected things rocked her life to the core, forty-four-year-old Sylvie Sapphiris has found love again and she hopes things will finally settle down. However, the man she has chosen and fallen for comes with his own baggage and difficulties. Not only is he a lot younger than she is, but they also both know their families will find it hard to accept the two of them as a couple. After an amazing week in Athens together, it's time for Sylvie to go back home to Cyprus and face the music. Yet, things are about to get even more complicated when Sylvie is confronted with an unexpected surprise, and she starts to wonder whether she will really be able to find the happiness and peace she has been searching for once again. Waiting for Summer - Book Two picks up right where book one ended; Sylvie and her new man are enjoying a secret week away together in Athens, where Sylvie has to be for a business deal. I was really looking forward to seeing what would happen to Sylvie, especially after everything she had been through. I have to admit, the book started a bit slow, and it took me quite a bit of time to get into the story. At first not much seemed to happen except for just a lot of steamy sex scenes, but no real storyline. However, as soon as Sylvie returned home from her trip, this changed and it started to feel like the first book of the series: entertaining and captivating. Anna-Maria Athanasiou really has her own writing style which is really easy to get into and comfortable to read. She has created a great group of well-drawn and different characters and a wonderful scene setting, perfect for a good holiday read. I'd definitely advise you to read the first part of the series first. This provides you with more background information to enjoy this story even more. While I do personally think the sequel does not live up to the first book, Waiting for Summer - Book Two is an enjoyable romance and erotic read which I'm sure many people will enjoy. (JoH)

Rating 6/10


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