Wait For It - Mary E. Thompson (2013)

The first book in the Better In Bed series introduces Cat, a 27-year-old with love on her mind. Her best friend, Lizzy, has what Cat thinks is the perfect life, marriage, and child - with another on the way. Cat heads to Lizzy's kid's birthday party only to catch the eye of a smoldering man from across the backyard. Ryder is instantly drawn to her and vice versa, but Cat is keeping a secret that has cost her many relationships in the past. As Cat and Ryder's flirtation becomes more intense, Cat can't help falling for him. Ryder has a past of his own that he's trying to run from to make a new future for him and his seven-year-old daughter, but can he catch Cat long enough for her to realise they're meant to be? In this first tempting page-turner of the series, it's all about true love and finding the perfect partner ... if they can hold on to one another long enough to realise they're soulmates. (JP)

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