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Nobody But Him

Nobody But Him (2013)

In small towns of Australia, there are two types of people - people who come and go and those who decide to stay there for the rest of their lives and grow old happily living in the same place. For Julia Jones, she decided that she was destined for bigger and brighter things so when she turned 18, she high-tailed it out of town, leaving behind her mother and her love Ryan Blackburn, and never looked back. Now 15 years later, Julia's mother has died so Julia is back in Middle Point to settle up her estate. She plans to return to the big smoke as soon as she can, however as she spends more time here, she discovers a part of her life that she missed and maybe, just maybe, this may be a place for her. Ryan is like the town's hero and bachelor of the year. But he has a chip on his shoulder about Julia and when he spots her it brings out the anger he feels towards her. Can Julia and Ryan avoid each other until everything is done and dusted or have they been given a second chance at romance? This is a rural romance that fans of Karly Lane, Loretta Hill and Rachael Johns will enjoy. (PP)

Score 6/10

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