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Star Attraction (2013)

Madison is a news reporter who is finding it difficult getting her stories a run in her newspaper. Too bad most of the attention seems to go to celebrities, relegating the important stories of the day to the back pages. And she is far from impressed to be assigned a face-to-face interview with the latest gorgeous Hollywood movie star, Jamie Hall, during his Australian publicity tour. A disastrous interview leads to her not only getting in trouble with her boss, but a falling out with her closest friends too. As punishment she has to stake out Jamie all night. And somehow, despite herself, she finds herself forging a connection with him - and she ends up becoming news herself. Its focusing on celebrity culture and falling in love in the spotlight makes this an appealing concept and the author, a journalist, knows her stuff. But a bit too much introspection and too little action made it drag, especially towards the end.

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