Uptown Girl - Holly Kinsella (2013)

With a promising career as a model, a flat in Kensington and a wealthy Prince Charming by her side, Emma's life seems to leap out of a fairy tale book. So it doesn't come as a surprise when touched by the luxurious lifestyle, she herself turns into a snob similar to the superficial and fake people surrounding her. And then she comes across a car mechanic - William Flynn, who is the opposite of everything that Emma's life now defines. A few more chance encounters with William force Emma to come out of her privileged cocoon and evaluate the shallowness of her life. At the start, Emma is portrayed as materialistic and hence is not immediately likeable. However, as the read progresses, she comes across a simple next-door girl with the same insecurities and self-doubts as any of us. Needless to say, Emma's character has been well sketched and her journey from an arrogant fashionista towards discovering her real self again is enjoyable. However, the secondary characters seem crudely developed and just as the plot gets interesting, it reaches the end too quickly. All in all, this is a breezy, romantic novella with a predictable yet sweet storyline that can be finished in a single sitting. (PD)

Uptown Girl is a novella by former model Holly Kinsella. The summary says: "Emma Hastings has it all - a successful career as a fashion model, a flat in Kensington and now she may have even found her leading man, the wealthy and charming Jason Rothschild who ticks all the right boxes. Her days are filled with photo shoots and shopping trips. Her evenings are spent at dinners and glamorous launch parties. She is seemingly living the dream. But dreams can so often turn into nightmares. After a number of chance encounters with the car mechanic William Flynn, Emma starts to evaluate what it means to truly live and love."

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