Universally Challenged - Anna Bell (2012)

What would you do if you wake up one day to find yourself in a life that you imagined for yourself? Jess and Jessica are the same woman but in parallel universes. Jessica is the head of her department in a major banking firm (LMG Global) in London. While she went on to take up her dream job as an investment manager, she always wondered how her life would have turned out had she married her then wannabe rock star boyfriend Benjy. Jess, her alternate reality, is an elementary school teacher. She marries Benjy in a daze of love but always wonders how her life would shape up if she had taken up the opportunity at LMG Global. Their universes (literally!!) collide when they wake up one morning stumbling into each other's lives. Now Jessica finds herself married to Benjy whereas Jess has to fix a multi-million-dollar deal. The only thread that binds their worlds together is Jake Harrington, Jessica's colleague at LMG. The plot follows how they lurch into each other's lives, get on a crazy rollercoaster of a ride and attempt to hold their worlds from tumbling like a deck of cards. All it takes is a trapping on the wrong side of universe to actually realise what they really want. This a racy read and the two stories flow into each other seamlessly. Each one of us must have thought at some point what our lives would be like had we taken a different route and this plot just hits a nerve. (PD)

Note: Anna Bell is a contributor to Chicklit Club.

Universally Challenged, the second novel from Anna Bell, is about a woman who finds herself trapped on the wrong side of a parallel universe. The summary says: "Jessica's business trip to New York is not going well. Not only does she wake up in a stranger's apartment, but the company she works for claims never to have heard of her. Jess wakes up in a hotel room without her husband. She tracks him down and discovers he is married to another woman. When a stranger, Jake, tries to convince her that she is heading up a multi-million-dollar deal, it is too much for Jess, the teacher, to take in. Trapped on the wrong side of a parallel universe, Jessica and Jess turn to Jake to help them work out who they really are, and what they really want." Bell is a contributor to the Chicklit Club.

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