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Unexpectedly Expecting - Sophia Labonte (2015)


A getaway with her girlfriends is just what Sandra needs after her live-in boyfriend calls it quits. And it turns out to be even better than she had expected thanks to Thomas, a hunky Brit with whom she spends her final night on the yacht. Sandra has no intention of ever seeing her one-night-stand again. However, a few months later he reappears in her life, having accepted a job in her city. To complicate matters, Sandra is pregnant and, unbeknownst to Thomas, he is the father. And while Sandra thinks perhaps this is a sign that they should be family, Thomas' ex-girlfriend disagrees. Sandra and Thomas are both well-developed characters you can't help but root for. I also appreciated how Labonte succeeded in making Sandra's friendships a central part of the book, rather than focusing solely on romantic relationships. And, of course, Sandra's unconventional situation provides for plenty of humour, making Unexpectedly Expecting an enjoyable read. (LB)

Rating 6/10


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