Under Her Spell - Eliza Daly (2012)

Ever wanted to be able to cast a spell on that horrid ex-boyfriend? Just a little something to get even and feel better? Monica is busy trying to get her business Enhance Your Romance up and running. She plans unique romantic events, like perfect proposals and on the side has a skill creating spells - how well do they really work? Monica is helped by Jordan, her "helpful" psychic friend and assistant, and her cousin Hope, recently dumped and desperate to make her ex pay for his deceptions. Trying to run a successful business keeps Monica busy but then she meets her ideal man in Reed Walker - only he's a neighbouring divorce lawyer who doesn't believe in love at all.... So he's not only bad for business, he's bad for Monica.... Isn't he??? Quick moving, funny and romantic, you can't help but love Monica, the characters, and the tangles they get into. (AT)

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