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Unbridled Holiday - Kristin Dow (2011)


Brook Holliday isn't about to let the fact that her fiance left her ruin her honeymoon cruise. Her sister is more than happy to join her for a relaxing vacation in the Caribbean and help her find a temporary male distraction. As it turns out, Brook doesn't need any help meeting someone new. Scott Webster, who just so happens to live in the same city, quickly catches her eye. And while Brook isn't the only one vying for his attention, they begin dating once they have returned from the cruise. But their relationship is far from smooth sailing, as both of them have quite a bit of baggage to deal with before embarking on anything new together. I enjoyed following along as Brook and Scott discovered who they really are and what makes them happy. Dow did a great job of developing her characters as they tackled realistic obstacles, both as individuals and as potential love interests. (LB)



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