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Safe and Sound (2014)

When Jill Greenfield's husband dies suddenly while outside on a routine run, it throws his widow into a tailspin of grief, loss and depression. With the help of her best friends Lanie and Stella, Jill tries to get through the devastation. It isn't until she finds out that her husband had been keeping a big secret from her that she finally finds a bit of herself again. As she uproots her life and begins to have hope again, she meets someone who could just change her life again forever, but is she willing to let someone else in again? Can she adjust to the secret her husband had kept from her? Can she really ever move on from that loss? In T.S. Krupa's debut novel, we follow Jill as she learns to treat every day with a new hope, a new perspective, and maybe even the gift of a new love. It's heart warming, at times funny, and a real page turner. Jill's story is one readers will really enjoy. (JP)

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