Trinity - Nigel May (2013)

Gossip queen Anoushka Silvers, actress Evie Merchant and wild child Regan Phoenix are the popular trio aptly known as Trinity. The three best friends are surrounded by wealth, hot men, high-flying careers and parties. But all the glamour isn't able to hide the internal turmoil of these women; each has hidden hurts, anxieties and self-doubt. The reader will uncover Anoushka's lack of love from her father, Evie's tumultuous relationships and Regan's reckless climb to achieving what she so desperately wants. Trinity is a sexy read but at times comes across as a little brash. It's easy to read with unexpected twists. The intimacy between male and female characters feels almost a little 'dirty' but the friendship between the trio is honest and relatable. A light form of escapism with lots of sex ... perhaps a little too much when it at times overtakes the essence of the storyline. (MP)

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