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To Rome With Love - Mandi Benet (2016)


This first book in the Love in the City series tells the story of Gaby Conte, a successful chef in America where she and her Italian husband Danieli own several restaurants. Yet all this changes when Danieli falls for a young Peruvian waitress and out of the blue, asks Gaby for a divorce. A heartbroken Gaby escapes to Rome, under the care of her best friend Maria, hoping to seek solace. The last thing on her mind is finding love and particularly with another Italian man. Maria, however, has other ideas and encourages Mandi to begin dating again. Acting as cupid, she introduces her to her husband Carlo's cousin, Silvio, a gorgeous, muscle-bound Italian Stallion. Although his looks are to die for, unfortunately, his demeanour is not and his first impression on Gaby is far from favourable; so much so that she pulls him up on his haughty and arrogant manner. Yet the chemistry between the two is instant and Gaby finds herself becoming more and more attracted to him. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Rome, will Silvio just be a holiday fling or the real thing?
I really enjoyed this well-written book, with the author building the tension brilliantly between the two characters. It offers a sympathetic depiction of spouses who are coming out of marriages. In this case, both Silvio and Gaby have been cheated on but come to realise that the ending of their marriages gives them the chance to rebuild their lives and find true happiness. During this wonderfully romantic story, with plenty of twists and turns and believable and likeable characters, the reader really finds themselves rooting for this couple. (LP)



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