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Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants - Jill Soloway (2017)


Jill Soloway is the writer behind the successful TV show Six Feet Under and the creator of the Amazon series Transparent and I Love Dick. This book is a collection of personal and autobiographical essays in which she opens up about herself, from her search for true love and the right man to her desire to have a baby and her role as a mother. She also writes about growing up in south Chicago where she and her sister were the only white and Jewish children among the black community to her thoughts on being Jewish, from her disappointing travels (summer camp when she was 12 and Costa Rica after college) to her obsession with famous people and reality shows.
As the author takes the reader on a journey into her past, she is honest, sharp and funny. The essays are often vulgar and crude but also entertaining and amusing. I liked how the author speaks directly to the readers, engaging and challenging them so that they can relate to her. Full of witty observations and feminist ideas, this book will make you laugh and you won't be able to put it down. (NP)



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