Tide's Ebb - Alexandra Brenton (2012)

Marianna Holt has it all, a perfect job, a perfect man and a perfect BFF, yet everything in life is seldom perfect for long. Marianna realises that after a sudden disclosure sends her carefully constructed world tumbling down like a pack of cards. She finds her escape in the arms of her best guy friend Screech but then she is whisked to Rhode Island on a special project by her company. Feeling completely lost and nursing a broken heart, Marianna tries to find some solace at sea. But a certain captain Larry saves her from drowning. Larry and Marianna are diametrically opposite; they repel and attract each other with equal measure. But will a high maintenance, stuck-up city girl like Marianna settle for someone as ordinary and down-to-earth as Captain Larry? The book starts off on a promising note but as the plot proceeds and as you get to know Marianna more, you really begin to hate her for all the shallowness that she displays. I kept waiting for the plot to finally take a turn that would redeem it but was left unsatisfied in the end. (PD)

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