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Three Empty Words - Gen Ryan (2017)


Melanie thought Max was the one but he fell in love with a guy. Instead of being angry, she welcomes his new partner, Jason, into her life. Max and Jason want a baby, but because of all the obstacles standing in their way, they ask Mel to be their surrogate. Mel agrees and heads to the gynecologist where she meets Dr Ashe. He too has a big heart and always wanted a family, but his ex-wife cheated on him and preferred drugs over him. Ashe and Mel click, and soon we see them enjoying life together, and it seems like nothing can tear this couple apart, even his meddling mother.
You know those type of people who just have a naturally good heart and don't judge, that is Melanie. She is one of the most selfless women there is, and I loved that about her. It is very rare that I find myself strongly connecting to a character, but in this book, I loved everything about her and admired her. If you want a good-hearted read with a genuine female lead, then check out this story as it will not disappoint. (PP)



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