Thirty Something - Filipa Fonseca Silva (2012)

How did you imagine your life to be at 30? Has it mapped out how you dreamt it would? This story centres on a group of friends, Joana, Marie and Filipe, all from different paths of life. Joana is very controlling and marriage has not at all lived up to her expectations. Maria has recently been dumped the day before her wedding and is piecing her life back together. Filipe is trying to get over his childhood sweetheart who he believes to be The One. When Joana holds a dinner party at her house, these college friends, along with their partners, gather and we learn of how the expectations that the friends had of their lives at 20 are nothing like at 30. There are some twists in the book and through the way it is written, you feel as though you are actually a guest at the party. The book is short at just over 120 pages, I would have liked it to be a bit longer with more stories from the friends. It makes for a quick and enjoyable beach read. (SG)

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