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Things I Never Told You - Beth K. Vogt (2018)


The Thatcher Sisters series is like a modern Christian version of Little Women. In this opening novel, it has been ten years since the death of Payton's twin sister and now one of her other sisters, Jillian, is getting married. Ever since Pepper died, Payton started to move away from the family and retreat in herself as she blamed herself for her sister's death. And then her family sent her away at the worst time - the time when she needed them the most. As years passed, the distance grew. Now Jillian needs her family more than ever as she has discovered that she has cancer.
This book follows the siblings during their crises moments, through their ups and their downs. I have to say my eyes welled up when Payton decided to confront her family with the secrets that she had been holding on for the past decade. If you have sisters, then this book does bring up a few emotions as you will look back at your own life - I am not too close with my sister but I know if something like this would happen, we would be there for one another. Things I Never Told You is definitely a family saga and I did like how at the end of the book it had some reader questions to help us reflect on the moving story. (PP)



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