Gwen gets the chance to step into her boss' shoes in The Wedding Caper, by Laura Briggs. The summary says: "A case of mistaken identity lands meek bridal assistant Gwendolen Lynch in the role of her legendary wedding planner boss. Instead of unmasking the charade, Gwen makes the split-second decision to play along, and finds herself roped into the challenge of her small career with a socialite bride and her domineering mother. Juggling the outlandish requests - from firing the best man to renting hot air balloons - thrusts Gwen into the spotlight role she always dreamed of. Knowing she should escape before her true identity is exposed, Gwen clings to the masquerade for one reason: the handsome, boyish Ryan Miller. Whose opinions of the wedding fail to impress his bride-to-be, awakening Gwen's sympathy for the seemingly forgotten groom. Stealing her boss' identity? Now that was the easy part. The hard part is preventing her secret crush from stealing her heart away."

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