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The Suspect - Fiona Barton (2019)


After months of saving money, planning, and convincing their parents, Alex and Rosie are finally in Thailand for their gap year before starting university. However, when their parents don't hear from the girls for over a week, they start to get worried and call the police.
Reporter Kate Waters is looking for a good story to distract her from the fact that she hasn't heard from her son Jake in months, so when she hears about the girls' disappearance, she decides to investigate. She travels to Thailand with the girls' families but has her own personal reason to go: she hopes that she will finally find Jake, who went to Thailand after dropping out of university. Once Kate gets there, she uncovers a truth much darker than she thought, but will do anything to protect her son.
Fiona Barton has created a story full of tension and twists. With well-crafted characters and a compelling plot, the novel sees three mothers desperate to find their children and thanks to the author's brilliant writing, you can feel their panic, their worry, and their sadness. If you loved the author's previous two novels, you're going to love this, and there is a final revelation that will completely take you by surprise. (NP)



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