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The Summer of Secrets, by Tilly Tennant, asks: can new love grow when you dig up old secrets? The summary says: "Harper Woods wakes up every morning on Silver Hill Farm feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. She's engaged to the tall, dark dreamy Shay and just downstairs are the gorgeous tea rooms she's always dreamed of owning.
But Harper is about to discover something that will change her luck forever. For better or worse? She has no idea. Not until an expert can identify whether the stunning collection of jewellery she found hidden in the farm's foundations is priceless, or more trouble than it's worth...
As news of the discovery spreads through the Silver Hill, it seems everyone has a secret history making them the rightful owner. In particular, Will Frampton, stubborn and irritatingly handsome Lord of Silver Hill House, the crumbling stately home the other side of the hill.
Too busy trying to untangle the truth, Harper doesn't notice Shay getting rather close to his ex from the village. Harper thought she had everything she ever wanted. If she solves the mystery of her sparkling prize, can she hold on to her dream, or will she lose it all, and be left broken-hearted?" The Summer of Secrets is out in March 2018.



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