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The Sinner - Petra Hammesfahr (2008)


On a hot summer day, Cora Bender goes to the beach with her family and murders a complete stranger in front of her husband and young son. When the police ask her why she did it, she can't provide a satisfying, logical answer. He simply had to die. It should be a simple case. She's guilty, after all, everyone saw her kill the man. But one detective refuses to close the file, and digs into Cora's past, hoping to find answers. The story dives into Cora's fractured psyche, filled with dark secrets that she's kept safe behind a carefully constructed wall. Is Cora insane? Had she met the man before?
This book possessed me. I carried it around with me everywhere (even into the kitchen when I cooked supper). I read until 2am just to see how it ended. The Sinner is a compelling, if somewhat disturbing, read. I love how unpredictable it is. Just when I thought I'd figured the story out, it would take a crazy turn and leave me guessing. Can't recommend it enough. As a cool side note, The Sinner is now a TV series, starring Jessica Biel as Cora Bender. (CK) 10/10

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