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The Roanoke Girls - Amy Engel (2017)


Something bad always happens to the Roanoke girls. They either die, kill themselves, or run away. After her mother killed herself, fifteen-year-old Lane goes to live with the grandparents she never met on a farm in Kansas. Her cousin, Allegra, quickly becomes her best friend but when Lane finds out the truth about the other women of the family, she runs away. Eleven years later, Lane lives in Los Angeles but when Allegra suddenly disappears, Lane has no choice but to go back to the only family she's ever had.
The novel is beautifully written and I liked how the author switched the narration not only between the past and the present but also between the different Roanoke girls. The women in this provocative and dark novel are all attracted to the same man but these relationships are so wrong that I found the novel disturbing and shocking but at the same time so compelling and captivating. (NP) 7/10




TEXT 7/10

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