The Right Design - Isabella Louise Anderson (2014)

Interior designer Carrie loves her job and has just been nominated for partner in her architect firm. It's her six-year anniversary with Roger and she has a little surprise for him. But the surprise is totally on her, when she gets off work early and finds him banging someone on the kitchen bench. Feeling betrayed and broken, Carrie moves away to start anew in Palm Beach. Lucky for her, her old boss has connections and Carrie starts at a new design firm. This decision will set Carrie down a path she never envisioned for herself - a new job, a new home and more importantly a new love interest in client Brad. What happens though, when Carrie and Brad start to get a little bit serious and Roger stops by her new office with roses and a ring. Will Carrie jump into Roger's arms and say yes or will she realise in that moment that her heart now belongs to someone else? This novel shows readers that sometimes in the darker days in our lives, the impulsive decisions are sometimes the right ones and that they can lead us on a journey we never had thought possible or dreamed of. (PP)

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