The Revenge Date, by Geraldine Fonteroy, is about a woman who is paid to bring errant men to their knees. The summary says: "Every man who meets 26-year-old Rosie Matchall falls for her, a fact that doesn't bother Rosie in the least. She enjoys one-night stands, but relationships - well, they just aren't for her. Particularly when she has men throwing themselves at her feet. Her 'love-em'and-leave-em' dating tactics, however, are beginning to worry her upper-class parents, who are convinced she has some sort of addiction. So when Rosie sets off to New York on a holiday with a man she barely knows, her mother is predictably unimpressed. Worse still, when Rosie drops her date the moment she arrives in NYC, her parents decide that enough is enough, and cut her off without a penny. Stranded in New York, Rosie is at a loss for what to do, until the dashing Alex Clunes approaches her with an unusual job offer. Acting as the bait in his 'Revenge Dating' service, Rosie is paid to bring errant men to their knees and make them suffer as they have made their partners suffer. But Rosie is soon to discover that revenge takes all forms, and when she least expects it, someone finally manages to rock her world - in the worst possible way."

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