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Getting Married (2007)

Is marriage the tomb of love? With divorced parents and a whole bunch of friends going through relationship failures, Eva Lockart would never want to experience it personally - but that was before Will came into the picture. Thoughtful, generous, sexy, Will possesses every quality she wants in a man. When he proposes, Eva immediately accepts. But when the wedding preparations begin, she starts to get ridiculously stressed out and starts to question whether her own marriage will turn out to be the mistake of her life. Normally chick lit books dealing with wedding themes don't discuss these fears and the effects of a divorce. But this book does. A rather interesting read but the exaggeration gets too much during some parts of the book. (XT)

The Dangers Of Mistletoe (2006)

This is a Christmas-themed story about two sisters and their struggles during the festive season to find perfection. Amber and Emily couldn't be more different than night and day. Amber is struggling in New York City to make her massage therapy business successful while worrying how she is going to make her rent payment. Coming up with money to go back home for Christmas just adds to her financial stress. Emily is a new bride and step-mother to two young children. In a rash decision, Emily volunteers to host Christmas in her new home, never realising how much work the house needs to make it ready for company. On top of that, she's still trying to adjust to the addition of three new people full-time in her life and her step-daughter isn't making the transition easy for anyone. I enjoyed each perspective that really focuses overall on the message about appreciating what you have in life and how it's up to all of us to find happiness because perfection is just an illusion. Each chapter alternates with a different perspective so I really enjoyed seeing first hand how each sister deals with their stresses and frustrations. The author does a good job of illustrating it so well, I felt like I was there with them. Overall, this book was very enjoyable and hits the mark on holiday spirit. (SH)

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