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The Reinvention of Martha Ross, the debut novel by Charlene Allcott, is about a woman who aims to get her life back on track after the breakdown of her marriage.
The summary says: "Meet Martha Ross. She dreams of being a singer, but she's been working in a call centre for far too long. She's separating from her husband, the father of her eighteen-month-old son. And she's moving back home to her parents, toddler in tow.
Life has thrown her a few lemons ... but Martha intends to make a gin and tonic.
It's time to become the woman she's always wanted to be. And at least her mum's on hand to provide free childcare - along with ample motherly judgement, of course.
But Martha's attempts at reinvention - from writing a definitive, non-negotiable list of everything she's looking for in a new man, to half-marathons, business plans and meditation retreats - tend to go awry in the most surprising of ways. And soon she comes to realise that in order to find lasting love, happiness and fulfilment, she needs to find herself first ... Who said starting over was easy?"
The Reinvention of Martha Ross is out in July 2018.



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