The Reality O - Candy Sloane (2015)

One night after a truckload of drinking, Allie decides that her best friend Christine needs to finally experience an orgasm. So she places an ad on Craigslist while Chris is fast asleep. The next day, Chris is busy shelving books at the library where she works when her phone starts buzzing off the hook with sexy texts, phonecalls and voicemails. Embarassed and unsure, she calls Allie and tells her to do something to make it all go away. But the ad by now has gone viral on social media. Then MTV gets in touch - they want to film a reality TV show around her getting the big "O" and are willing to pay her $50,000 and the person who assists her $10,000. So begins the journey of Chris' experience in the world of reality TV complete with 15 contestants, all ready to rock her world - both male and female. Over the next twelve chapters - set up like episodes of the show - Chris gets to know all the contestants, has some embarrasing dates that include seasickness, airsickness and nearly falling out of a hot air balloon. What will happen though when Chris finally does meet the one guy who may be able to make her climax but he's not a contestant but rather an intern on the show? Can she keep up the double life of doing her thing with the contestants and trying to win the intern over? What happens when the whole world knows your secret and there's nothing you can do about it ? If you are wanting a fun, light-hearted and naughty chick lit book which also gives you the behind-the-scenes look at how reality TV shows and social media operate, you'll find this book totally satisfying. (PP)

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