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The Post-It Note Affair - Justine Avery (2015)


Have you ever felt the power of what positive thinking can do to a person? If you saw a note that said "You're Terrific", would it put you in the best mood ever? For Emily, she has the most wonderful husband who loves her unconditionally, and they have been together since high school. Lately, however, she feels like they have lost their spark. One morning at work, Emily finds a post-it note in her bag reading "You're Terrific". This makes her smile and she feels good for the rest of the day. The next day, Emily meets Josh, a new worker with the company, and they get talking - or as Emily sees it, flirting. Emily finds more of these post-it-notes with things that her secret admirer likes about her. Emily starts to convince herself that Josh is the admirer and laps up the attention, her mind wandering to what life with Josh could be like. What will happen though when Emily confronts Josh and gets a big surprise?
Part of me loved this novelette (a short novella) as it was cute and the whole post-it-note idea calls to my romantic side. But the other part of me was frustrated as it was like 'Emily, open up your eyes'. This is a clean romance read but it does teeter on the line of what could be considered cheating by some. (PP)



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