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The Perfect Stranger - Megan Miranda (2017)


After being forced out of her job as a journalist, Leah Stevens runs into her former roommate, Emmy, who just got out of a complicated relationship and wants to start over. Together they decide to move from Boston to a small town in Pennsylvania where Leah finds a job as a high school teacher. But Leah's past catches up with her when a woman who looks like her is assaulted and Emmy suddenly disappears. Leah starts investigating with the help of detective Kyle Donovan and slowly uncovers the truth about Emmy and their friendship.
The story is told from Leah's point of view and I liked how she approaches everything as a journalist investigating a story. By telling the story in first person, I knew Leah's feelings, her weakness, her fears, but, unfortunately, I didn't get a sense of the other characters, some of which didn't seem to have much of a personality. Nevertheless, I was completely absorbed in this novel from the first to the last page. The story is full of secrets and the author does a great job creating suspense as Leah's past slowly unravels and twists and turns kept me guessing until the end. (NP)


The Perfect Stranger - Megan Miranda (2017)


Leah has reached a dead end in her life. She has no boyfriend, her journalism career has come to a halt and one of her best friends has fallen out with her, for reasons which are later revealed. Leah bumps into another friend, Emmy, who is moving away and Leah decides to move with her for a fresh start. However, Emmy goes missing one night and Leah is left frantically searching for her. As she falls for the detective handling the case, Leah reveals secrets about Emmy's and her own pasts that are disturbing. Could she ever really trust Emmy?
This book is described as a psychological thriller, as well as a romance novel but there wasn't much "thrilling" about it. Even though the storyline was a good idea, it came across as unbelievable and confusing at times. There was a lot going on and hard to keep up with in some places and I had to keep re-reading bits, just to remember what had gone on. (SG)



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