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The Perfect Liar - Thomas Christopher Greene (2019)


Susannah and Max seem to have the perfect life: happily married, raising her teenage son together, and leaving behind their chaotic life in New York for a quiet town in Vermont where Max teaches art in college. What could possibly go wrong...?
They both have secrets from their past that they are keeping hidden from everyone, including each other. So, one morning, when Susannah comes back from her daily run and finds a note on her front door that says 'I know who you are', Susannah knows that their perfect life is about to crumble. As more notes are found on their doors, the situation quickly spirals out of control...
Even though the story is at times predictable, it also has a few twists that took me by surprise and made the novel suspenseful and chilling. I liked the Vermont setting and the premise of the novel is what got me interested in the book in the first place, but, despite all these things, I couldn't really get into the story and I didn't like the protagonists, who I found annoying and a bit tiresome. (NP)



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