The Other Woman reminds a bit of chick flick classic The First Wives Club, with its main message: men are scumbags and women need to stick together. Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) is a tough workaholic attorney from Manhattan who thinks she has finally managed to find a decent and attractive guy, Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones). They are happy together, until Carly goes to Mark's home and discovers he is actually married to Kate (Leslie Mann). Carly is really pissed off but decides there is nothing else to do but move on with her life. This becomes a bit tricky when Kate shows up at Carly's doorstep, wanting to be friends because they were both betrayed by the same guy. When Carly and Kate discover Mark is having another affair with a blonde twenty-something bombshell named Amber (Kate Upton), they decide they have had enough of Mark's games and it's time for some revenge...

The plot is all about women sticking together. Most women can appreciate a good dose of vengeance every now and again, and The Other Woman is the perfect film to pick up if you're in that particular mood. Director Nick Cassavetes, who also directed The Notebook, has managed to make an entertaining and fun film with a wonderful cast at its core. Both Diaz and Mann have great comedic timing which results in quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, and the chemistry between the two actresses is amazing. The role of Amber seems to be made for Upton, but I have to say she doesn't really stand out next to the two other leading ladies. I really enjoyed this film, but wasn't particularly thrilled with the basic and rather quick ending. Overall, though, The Other Woman is a thoroughly entertaining and fun revenge comedy, perfect for anyone who has recently been dumped or has simply had enough of men.

Movie reviewed by Jody Hoekstra

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