The Other Side of Gemini - LG McCann (2014)

Ten years ago, best friends Sylvia and Lindsay were inseparable until one night a tragedy caused the girls to go their separate ways. Now Sylvia is working in New York as a successful book editor and Lindsay has moved back to their hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, and is working at their old high school as a science teacher. Their lives have also taken very different routes as Sylvia has been dating here and there and Lindsay is married to Paul and has three kids. The thing is though that Paul has no idea about Lindsay's past. When Sylvia ends up in a scandal, she is sent on leave. She returns home and bumps into Lindsay at the supermarket and so begins the reunion of the two friends. With Sylvia back, Lindsay is starting to re-discover herself as the person she lost and hid ten years ago. Will Paul and Lindsay be able to reconcile their marriage when he discovers the lies and secrets she's covered up? This book shows readers that sometimes it's not your husbands or lovers that are your soulmates - your Geminis - but your best friends. (PP)

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