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Ayisha Malik has penned a sequel to Sofia Khan is Not Obliged. In The Other Half of Happiness, Sofia is now a married woman. The summary says: "Sofia Khan is just married. But no one told her life was going to be this way...
Her living situation is in dire straits, her husband Conall is distant, and his annoyingly attractive colleague is ringing all sorts of alarm bells. When her mother forces them into a belated wedding ceremony (elopement: you can run, but you can't hide), Sofia wonders if it might be a chance to bring them together. But when it forces Conall to confess his darkest secret, it might just tear them apart.
A book to make you smile, laugh and cry, this is the story of a mixed-race marriage and a mixed-up family, for anyone who's ever struggled to balance their pride with their principles, or stuck around to try to mend a broken heart." The Other Half of Happiness is out in April 2017.

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