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The Other Girl - Erica Spindler (2017)


At fifteen, Miranda 'Randi' Rader was on a bad path, drinking, smoking, and shoplifting. One night she is kidnapped together with another girl but she manages to escape. She promises the other girl to come back with the police but, because of her wild past, nobody believes her story.
Fourteen years later, Miranda has turned her life around and is one of the best detectives in the small town of Harmony, Louisiana. One morning, Miranda is called to investigate the brutal murder of college professor Richard Stark. Along with her partner Jake, Miranda starts to dig into the victim's past, but is held back by powerful people who want to protect what happened fourteen years before. At the same time, Miranda has to deal with her family who, after years of estrangement, is trying to get back in contact with her.
Miranda is a strong and realist character who, as she says herself, has to prove herself in a job where she is surrounded by men and, in this case, by very powerful men. I liked how she comes to deal with her feelings towards her family, especially her mother and her brother, but I found that her relationship with her partner Jake evolved too quickly. With some suspense but not much originality, this is a fast-paced and entertaining story, but not one that kept me captivated. (NP)



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