The Naughty Girl's Book Club - Sophie Hart (2013)

Estelle is a single mother of a teenage boy who runs the small and cosy Cafe Crumb. Things are bit slow when it comes to business so Estelle comes up with a plan to start a book club which would bring in some extra customers. The word gets out and soon the book club starts with pensioner Sue, school teacher Rebecca, no-bullshit Gracie, shy college student Reggie and of course Estelle itself. After just one meeting it turns into an erotica book club. And soon it becomes more than a book club when friendships are made as a few members start to take these books way too seriously in a bid to spice up their own sex lives. You will not want to put this down until the very last page. It's an excellent debut with truly lovable characters. (SS)

The Naughty Girls' Book Club is the first offering from a London-based women's fiction author under the pseudonym Sophie Hart. The summary says: "A quaint suburb. A quiet little reading group. A very naughty reading list... Erotica meets a small town community - how ever will our book club cope? Estelle sets up a book group in order to increase custom to her struggling small-town cafe, what follows is more scandalous than she could have ever imagined. As the first book club meeting flounders, Estelle suggests a spot of erotica to spice up the members' lives - with trepidation the decision is accepted. Inspired by their sizzling reads, this group of shy suburban readers shake off their inhibitions and discover a new side to themselves with some tantalising results."

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