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The Last Word - A.L. Michael (2014)


Blogger Tabby is offered an opportunity to become a real journalist again, with a job offer from an online newspaper. Trouble is she's still burnt from her last experience with the mainstream media - and her affair with her cad of an editor. So she's naturally hesitant about this job - especially since she'd be working closely with a new editor, Harry, a good looking, overly confident guy who's not afraid to share his opinion of her work. OK, blogging, media ... this sounded right up my alley. But I lost interest fairly early on. Tabby's got a bit of sass, Harry's quick-witted and charming and there's plenty of heat between them but in terms of a storyline nothing interesting happened. The blogging also didn't feature enough and the media environment didn't come across as authentic. The most satisfying part, I'm afraid to say, was reaching that last word and breathing a sigh of relief it was over.


The Last Word, by by A.L. Michael, is about a young journalist trying to claw back her reputation. The summary says: "Tabby Riley's online life was a roaring success. Her blog had hundreds of followers, and legions of young fans ardently awaited her every tweet. Her real life was a bit more of a disappointment. Living in a shared flat in North London, scratching a living writing magazine articles on 'How To Please Your Man in Bed' wasn't where she thought she'd be at twenty-six - especially when there was a serious lack of action in her own bedroom. Until she was offered the job of her dreams on online paper The Type - and gained a sexy new editor, Harry Shulman, to bounce her ideas off. Tabby had previous bad form when it came to falling for well-dressed, smooth-talking editors, so no way was she going there again...ever! But had she got a little too used to hiding behind her laptop screen? Perhaps it was time for the real Tabby Riley to come out and have some fun!"

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