The Last Page - Lacy Camey (2011)

Norah's heart has just been broken. Her all-star Yankee pitcher boyfriend has dumped her and run off to marry his pregnant girlfriend. Her life couldn't get any worse. Yet it does, and after an embarrassing confrontation at the ex's rehearsal dinner, she sinks into a deep depression. After relocating to her family's beach house, Norah swears off men and buckles down to working on her soon-to-be released clothing line. But this no men rule soon proves difficult to sustain as a handsome, mysterious stranger keeps running into her life. Will she be able to ignore his good looks and charm? This novel tries to address the age-old question: can we really get over our one true love? The Last Page is somewhat difficult to follow as it seems the characters keep avoiding dialogue to prolong the plot. However, if you make it through until the end, the book delivers a very touching lesson. (SN)

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