The Husband Hunters - Lucy Laing (2011)

Bee, Kaz, Tash, Soph and Rach are nearing 30 and fed up with their love lives. They always seem to make the wrong decisions, and can never find Mr Right. So they set up the Husband Hunters Club, whereby they choose suitable husbands for each other. But things don't quite go the way they thought it would. Will any of them make it down the aisle, or will the Husband Hunters Club be a spectacular failure? I felt that some parts of this novel, particularly at the beginning, could have been fleshed out more. It seemed to jump from one scene to the next giving only the bare minimum of details, but this improved throughout the book. I found the main protagonist, Bee, difficult to warm to. I thought she lacked charisma, depending on her friends to make or approve every little decision in her life, and her anti-child attitude throughout the story really put me off her. I also thought that their trip to a fortuneteller gave too much detail as to what would happen later in the story, and made the ending too predictable. However, it is feel-good read, the girls' man-hunting antics are very funny, and you'll want to keep reading just to find out what lengths they will go to next to find Mr Right. (LO)

In Lucy Laing's The Husband Hunters, a group of women work together to each find themselves a man. The summary says: "Bee, Rach, Soph, Tash and Kaz are all nearing the dreaded 30 mark, with not one engagement ring between them - or even a sniff of a decent man on the scene. Their love lives have so far been utter disasters - and they know that things have to change if they want to ever get down the aisle. They set up the Husband Hunters Club to make sure the job is done properly - and the race is on. And their lives are resolved - but not in the way that they had first expected. But whoever said that hunting for husbands was ever going to be easy?"

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