The Holiday Survival Guide - Jane O'Reilly (2014)

Erica Parker is a journalist with a penchant for exposing cheating spouses. While chasing a story, she manages to bring the magazine to the brink of a lawsuit, so her boss asks her to take a holiday and get away from the office for some time. Erica hates holidays and because she is forced into it, is determined to make it a holiday from hell. When Erica books a trip into the wilderness under gut-wrenching freezing temperatures, she doesn't expect to meet one of the victims of her stories, Nathan Wilde. He used to be a TV personality with his own reality show about survival techniques. After all these years when Erica and Nathan come face to face for the first time, they expect things to get nasty but instead realise it will be a hell of a task to keep their hands off each other. Jane had me at the cover of this novella. I loved the backdrop of the story, the chemistry between the characters and details of the beautiful cottage in the middle of nowhere. (SS)

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