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The Guilty Wife - Elle Croft (2018)


Bethany and Calum met through work. He's a billionaire and she's the photographer following him around snapping shots for a TV show. They fall in love but there's a problem: they are both married to other people. After a tearful break-up, Callum winds up dead. The only lead the police has is the picture of a woman wearing a hat at the scene of the murder. That woman is Bethany but the police haven't identified her - yet. She didn't kill him but the police are closing in and someone is threatening to reveal her affair with the victim.
Although I felt a little sorry for Bethany, I didn't like her. She was naive and selfish and I couldn't sympathise with her or her actions. My dislike for the main character maybe is the reason why I couldn't really get into the story. Despite this, the novel is well-written and there are a few twists that will surprise you. (NP)



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