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The Greek Tapestry - Anthea Syrokou (2018)


Twenty years after sisters Maria and Nicki and their neighbour Dimity won an art award at school in Sydney for creating 'The Greek Tapestry' which depicted island life in Greece, the friends are unexpectedly reunited when holidaying in the Greek Isles. They each have a story to tell about how they have reached a crossroads in their lives and what they want for their futures. They support each other and life-changing decisions are made.
This is a story about friendship, love, family and finding roots. I enjoyed each of the characters' stories equally and thought that one of the strengths of the novel was how very well it was conceived and planned. I enjoyed reading about the reunion of the friends and their discovery of the Tapestry which linked them all. I loved the descriptions of the various tourist settings and how the friends were brought together by a series of coincidences. Each character was carefully crafted and developed and the story threads merged seamlessly. (JH)



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