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The Good Daughter - Alexandra Burt (2017)


Dahlia left Aurora, Texas, 15 years ago without regrets but now she is back living with her mother and cleaning hotels. One morning she is out jogging when she finds a young woman buried in the woods. As she runs for help she falls and hit her head and since then she is been having strange visions. Dahlia feels a connection with the victim and tries to find her assailant. In the meantime, her mother's mental health starts to decline and Dahlia starts to uncover secrets from her mother's past. Why as a child did they move from place to place, living in cars, trailers, and motel rooms? Why did her mother finally settled in Aurora and gave them new names? And, more importantly what is her mother so afraid of?
This a chilling and suspenseful novel about the love of a mother for a child and what she would do to protect that child. The story is told from different points of view and, as each character tells her story, the truth slowly unravels. From deeply developed characters to atmospheric settings, from mystical elements to romanticism, this novel has everything to keep you glued to the page. (NP)



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