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The Girl He Knows - Kristi Rose (2014)


Kristi Rose offers a laugh-out-loud story about friends who become lovers. On the heels of her recent divorce, Paisley wakes up in her best friend Gigi's childhood home, naked, lying next to Gigi's brother, Hank. After some serious freaking out, she manages to get dressed and makes her escape. When Hank proposes a no-strings-attached relationship, Paisley agrees to it, thinking it will help her transition back into the dating life of a singleton. Neither one of them is prepared for how they feel for each other and what role their past plays on their present and future. I really liked Paisley. She's flawed and damaged. She doesn't trust herself and is a bit of a doormat. I found it easy to relate to her, her disappointments, frustrations and fears. She makes mistakes, has been hurt in love and still mourns the death of her father. In her shoes, I would probably make the same decisions and choices. Hank was a fantastic character. He really is a knight in shining armour but I loved that he is able to convey his feelings so eloquently. There's a scene between him and Paisley that was hard to read, but it was so refreshing to see a male share his feelings without hidden agenda or manipulation. I would have liked to see more closure with Jake, the bartender Paisley briefly dates. I did not like this character and it seemed like the author was heading into a very sinister and dark place, which was okay, but I would have liked to see that loose thread tied up. The author has an amazing flair with vocabulary and I got such a kick from listening to Paisley's inner monologue. This book moves at a great pace and kept me interested and entertained from start to finish. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast read that will tickle your funny bone and tug on your heartstrings. I will be looking for more of this author's work. (SH)



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