The Frog Prince - Elle Lothlorien (2010)

Leigh Fromm may be a sex researcher but her social skills with men hardly reflect that fact. When she meets a man at her aunt's wake, she thinks her luck may change if she could only learn how to talk to him like a normal woman. She realises that she has no chance whatsoever when she learns that man in question is none other than Prince Roman Habsburg von Lorraine of Austria. Even though his family has been exiled, Prince Roman is one of the most eligible bachelors in Europe. With her scientific background she is able to tell why people are attracted to other people but she has no explanation for why Prince Roman can't seem to leave her alone. Soon this Denver nobody finds herself being jetted away for romantic weekends and she is starting to feel a bit more confident with Roman's encouragement. She knows she is living a real-life fairytale that seems to have a real chance of working out if she can get it together. She never expects to be thrown into the spotlight as the would-have-been king's girlfriend. The sudden media scrutiny may be too much for Leigh to handle. When it becomes clear that Roman's status may change, Leigh is reminded about that rule that forbids royalty from marrying commoners. She may not get her happily ever after. This is a funny and charming story about a shy, awkward woman living out every girl's dream of finding her Prince Charming. Everyone will relate to Leigh's uncertainties and be rooting for her to get her prince. (AR)

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