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The French Girl - Lexie Elliott (2018)


It was supposed to be a holiday to relax after graduation but something went horribly wrong. This is the story of six friends who, after graduating from Oxford University, head to France to spend a week drinking and chilling. But Severine enters their lives, until she suddenly disappears the night before they return to England.
Ten years later, her body is found in a well by the house where they were staying and the police have questions for the six friends. Kate Channing, from whose point of view the story is told, is now thirty-one years old, single, and busy finding new clients for her new headhunter firm. She doesn't have good memories of that French week and some of them are not accurate at all. The start of the investigation brings the six friends back together and with that Kate's guilt and feelings.
Slow-paced yet captivating, this novel was enjoyable and mysterious. The author does a good job casting doubt on Kate's character, but, despite this, I really liked this character. A compelling read about friendship, love, jealousies, and secrets. (NP)



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