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The Favourite Sister - Jessica Knoll (2018)


Set in New York, Goal Diggers is one of the most-watched reality shows on television. Its stars are five highly driven women - Jen, Stephanie, Lauren, Brett and her sister Kelly - who are ready to do anything to stay on the show, switching allegiances, telling lies, keeping and revealing secrets along the way. Then one of the women turns up murdered. How did they get to this point?
The reader is taken back in time to see how these women's desire to succeed will lead them to choices with tragic consequences. I loved that the author told the story from different points of views because I found myself siding first with one character and then another. Despite my switching sides every few pages, I can't say I really liked any of the characters. They were all selfish and self-centred and there wasn't redemption for any of them at the end. But I did like that these women were strong and determined. The plot is twisty, well-written and captivating and I really didn't expect the surprising ending. 8/10



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